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For Americans in their 30s and beyond, the threat of gum recession (periodontal disease) is a very real and potentially dangerous condition. Gum recession is particularly dangerous because the progression of the disease is often painless, going undetected until it creates serious problems.

There are many different varieties of periodontal disease, and many ways in which these variations manifest themselves. All require immediate treatment by a periodontist in West Los Angeles to halt the progression and save the gum tissue and bone. Here are some of the most common types of periodontal disease along with the treatments typically performed to correct them:

  • Healthy Gums - healthy gums are firm and don't bleed. They fit snugly around the teeth.
  • Gingivitis - gums are mildly inflamed, may appear red or swollen and may bleed during brushing.
  • Periodontitis - gums begin to separate and recede from the teeth. This allows plaque to move toward the roots, supporting fibers and bone.
  • Advanced Periodontitis - supporting fibers and bone are destroyed. Teeth become loose and may need to be removed.

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