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Protecting Your Teeth from Decay

Dental sealants act as a barrier between your teeth and everything else—food, drinks, chewing gum, bacteria, and more. Sealants, while beneficial for everyone, are especially recommended for children to prevent cavities from forming as children are not as adept at oral hygiene as adults. Sealants are also recommended for some adults who happen to have deep grooves or fissures in their teeth, making them hard to clean. At Elegant Smile Dental, our West Los Angeles dentists can determine if you or your child is a good candidate for dental sealants and can guide you through the process.

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Why Do You Need Sealants?

Bacteria and food often get stuck in the deep fissures of teeth, including pre-molars and molars. These teeth, because they are in the back of the mouth and contain such deep grooves, are usually very hard to keep clean. Even with diligent hygiene, sometimes brushing and flossing alone cannot protect these teeth. In such instances, a dental sealant can protect your chewing surfaces from decay.

Some reasons to have sealant applied to your teeth include:

  • Your teeth contain deep fissures and grooves that trap food and bacteria
  • Keeping your chewing surfaces clean is especially challenging
  • Sealants will provide protection for the tooth for years

Dental sealants can be applied relatively quickly and painlessly. At Elegant Smile Dental, our West Los Angeles dentists have more than 36 years of combined experience to help you with any dental need you may have.

How Sealants Work

Sealants are made from a light film of plastic that is painted on each tooth. It only takes a few minutes to apply sealant to each tooth. Once the sealant is in place, the tooth will be protected from decay caused by bacteria and food for years. It will also be protected from acids and plaques, allowing you to maintain your healthy, brilliant smile for a long time. Our dentists in West Los Angeles are dedicated to making sure your smile is bright, and will gladly determine if you are a good candidate for dental sealants.

If you are concerned about the health of your teeth and are considering dental sealants, give Elegant Smile Dental a call. We will conduct an exam to see if you require sealants and if so, can start the process. Dental sealants are typically covered by most insurance companies, and we also offer several financing options, including 0% financing through CareCredit.

Call us at (310) 707-1008 to discuss your sealant options.

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