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What Is the Best Treatment for Your Situation?

Despite popular belief, root canal procedures are generally not as bad as most people believe. Often, eliminating the pain you are currently in is more than worth the slight amount of discomfort you feel during and after the procedure.

Not all cavities require a root canal. At Elegant Smile Dental, our experienced West Los Angeles dentists can determine if your particular situation requires a root canal or if there are other options to explore. If we do deduce that a root canal is necessary, we will carry out your procedure with care and precision, making the process as pain-free as possible for you.

Looking for root canal dental services in West Los Angeles? Call Elegant Smile Dental today at (310) 707-1008 for an appointment.

Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure in which the pulp, or soft inner tissue, and nerves are removed from a tooth. This normally occurs when there is extensive decay or damage to the tooth, or when the tooth has abscessed, meaning the pulp has become infected.

There are many signs that you may be in need of a root canal. These signs can include:

  • Tooth that is tender to the touch
  • Tooth abscess/infection of tooth pulp
  • Pus from the abscess draining into the mouth
  • Gum or tooth pain or discoloration
  • Tooth with heat or cold sensitivity
  • Lymph nodes under the jaw tender or swollen

If you notice any of these symptoms, call our dentist in West Los Angeles right away. We will conduct digital X-rays to determine if a root canal is the best course of action to take to eliminate your pain. If so, we will schedule a time for you to come in for the procedure.

What to Expect When You Need a Root Canal

At Elegant Smile Dental, we take great care to make a root canal a less stressful experience. At the beginning of your procedure, the affected area will be anesthetized. Once the local anesthesia takes effect, the doctor will begin work. A small hole will be made in the top of the infected tooth, and through it, the infection and nerve will be removed. The inside of the tooth will then be cleaned, medicated, filled with a rubber-like substance, and sealed. Once all of that has been done, a crown will be placed over the tooth to seal and protect it from further damage.

If you discover that you are in need of a root canal, don’t shy away from calling our West Los Angeles dentists. We understand your trepidation and can comfort you with the knowledge that we will work quickly and gently. We have a combined 36 years of experience in making sure our patients are as comfortable as possible. We work with CareCredit to offer 0% financing, and our staff speaks English, French, Spanish, and Persian fluently.

Contact our office at (310) 707-1008 to schedule a root canal procedure.

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