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Painless, Stress-free Dental Experience

Visiting the dentist is stressful for many people. Perhaps they’ve had a previous experience that went poorly, or they are more sensitive to pain—either way, even the thought of undergoing a dental procedure can cause anxiety. At Elegant Smile Dental, we understand that dentist visits are not the most enjoyable experiences for some people, however, they are incredibly necessary to the health of your smile.

Our dentists go above and beyond to make your visit as pleasant and pain-free as possible, utilizing advanced technology and non-invasive techniques whenever possible. However, we realize that even with these precautions, some patients still feel nervous about their visit. For a completely painless experience, we are pleased to offer oral sedation.

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Benefits of Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a safe, effective method of reducing pain in adults and children. Contrary to popular belief, oral sedation is not like general anesthesia but is rather like a form of “conscious sedation” in which the patient remains awake and aware of their surroundings. It can help greatly reduce anxiety, increase relaxation, and make your dentist visit an overall positive experience.

In addition to reducing stress and the fairly common negative connotations surrounding dentistry, oral sedation allows our West Los Angeles dentists to work uninterrupted for 45 minutes to an hour, making your procedure quick and painless.

At Elegant Smile Dental, we offer a number of different sedation dentistry options, including:

  • Oral sedation, taken via a pill (adults) or liquid (children)
  • Nitrous Oxide sedation, commonly known as laughing gas
  • I.V. sedation, for maximum relaxation and pain relief

Each type of sedation dentistry has its own specific benefits, but all can help you feel a great deal less anxiety about your visit. Our staff is fully trained in oral sedation, and will carefully monitor you throughout your procedure to ensure your comfort and safety.

Proper dental care and regular maintenance are crucial in promoting excellent oral health. At Elegant Smile Dental, our skilled practitioners have over 36 years of combined experience and can address an array of dental needs from oral surgery to fillings to dental bridges and more. No matter what type of dental treatment you’re looking for, our dentists can assist you with a stress-free, positive experience.

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  • Elegant Smile Dental Definitely not afraid of going to the dentist like I used to be.
  • Elegant Smile Dental I am completely pleased with my veneers.
  • Elegant Smile Dental He is very gentle when working with a patient and I always feel safe and secure.
  • Elegant Smile Dental Thank you for your time and guidance
  • Elegant Smile Dental I was very happy with the results.
  • Elegant Smile Dental His office is always immaculate and his staff is friendly, helpful and organized.
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