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Elegant Smile Dental

At Elegant Smile, our emphasis is on diligence and perfect work. We take pride in approaching every root canal, crown, implant and procedure with absolute precision. We are not satisfied until the finished product is flawless.


Dentistry is a complex field with many different aspects to it. By seeing a cosmetic dentist, you not only get the benefit of the cosmetic/esthetic experience of a dentist but you get the proper care for your entire oral health.


Our mission is to help people achieve their true radiance. A beautiful and balanced smile can internally attribute to a boost in confidence and vitality. Externally a radiant smile can balance asymmetries in the face to create a more pleasing and beautiful overall aesthetic.


The most rewarding cosmetic cases are the ones when we give patients their confidence and smile back. Many patients stop smiling because they don’t like their teeth. We take pride and work hard to restore their confidence in their smile and in themselves.


When it comes to patient care, we treat everyone as if they were family. We take our time with everyone who sits in our chairs, not only to make sure they understand the procedure, but also to make sure we perform our work with the highest standard and precision. We believe in treating every patient as if they were a part of our family.


We work closely with patients to create a life-long dental care plan that encourages daily attention to dental health and promotes healthy teeth and gums for patients at any age. We’ve built our practice with an emphasis on “dental health care” vs. “disease care.”